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  2. Looking for a little crunch with you lunch? Try Bare Fruit apple chips!  I was so surprised when I read the only ingredients were organic apples.  Not that apple snacks can replace your fruit serving…but they sure are better than eating salty potato chips with your lunch.  Eat them on salads, in wraps or dip them in hummus!

  3. Collard Green Wraps!

    The first lunch of my three day detox diet!  These collard green wraps are super rich in antioxidants and vitamins.  They are stuffed with hummus, broccoli, onions and cucumbers. Feels good to eat so green and clean! 

  4. Yum! Hilary’s Eat Well makes such amazing veggie burgers!  I had Hilary’s World Best Veggie Burger tonight…delish!  The ingredients are organic and REAL; like organic millet, quinoa and spinach.  All of Hilary’s products are gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free, egg-free, soy-free, yeast-free, and nut-free.  Check Out Hilary’s Eat Well here: http://www.hilaryseatwell.com/   


  5. One Day Detox!


    Inspired by my Natural Health Magazine…I’ve been thinking about trying this one day detox!

    Why detox?

    • Get rid of digestive problems like bloating, gas and acid reflux
    • Boost energy
    • Clean up your colon
    • Get the lymph moving
    • Feel beautiful and clean from the inside out!

    How to do a one day detox:

    • Drink detox green juice in the morning (like a veggie smoothie!)
    • Drink 8-10 glasses of green tea and water for the day
    • Eat one cup of non-diary yogurt with live cultures for breakfast
    • Boost energy with nut butter and fruit combinations
    • Eat tons of leafy greens (spinach, kale, chard), broccoli, dandelions to purify your digestive tract
    • Get vitamin C to rev up your immune system and supply you with an army of antioxidants (citrus fruits)
    • Eat apples and artichokes for their high fiber content to flush out your colon
    • Try unsweetened cranberry juice to cleanse the lymphatic system
    • Top lunch salads with tofu, beans or avocados
    • Eat whole grains at dinner like (wild rice or quinoa), veggie stir fry with tempeh, or bean chili

    Why avoid animal products?

    • Since humans are at the top of the food chain, we are exposed to the most accumulated toxins. Ingesting fewer animal products (meat and dairy) means avoiding more toxins and saturated fats.  This lets your body cells recover from their inflammatory state and allows nutrients to be extracted from green veggies!

    Don’t forget to buy your veggies organic and local for maximal nutrients!

    A one day detox is a great way to start spring cleaning.  Feeling ambitious? Try a three day or 21 day plan!  Can’t wait to get my detox started!

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  7. Running in the Quiet

    Have you ever went on a run in the quiet of morning without music clogging your ear drums? So many surprising thoughts fill the mind while the body is stimulated by the freshness of the air, the sounds of the birds and the rhythm of the breath. Without the distraction of pounding music the mind is free to conjure up such original and creative thoughts. Theres so much to learn about this world and the depths of your own spirit by immersing yourself in the quiet of nature and pushing your lungs to expand and heart to contract to their greatest potential…

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  10. Book Review: Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder

    This is the most challenging yet inspiring book I have ever read.  Tracy Kidder does a fabulous job presenting the works of Dr. Paul Farmer, “the man who would cure the world”.  I was truly impressed by this tale.  Read more of my response!:

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